Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Wonderful World of Etsy: A Tale of Three Stores.

I was introduced to Etsy in 2009, when I still had yet to figure out that I could make a decent little piece from what I was really good at--creating and collecting. 
I was still relatively new to the idea that you could get online and access stores from all around the world that sell items you've been looking for your entire life! (Well, perhaps not your ENTIRE LIFE, but at least for quite a long time.) Welcome to the beauty of the internet! 

I have been a lifelong Etsy enthusiast since, and I'm writing today to share a little bit about my top three favorite retro, vintage, and antique stores (in no particular order) that anyone in the world with a computer and internet access can reach! 

Nashville, TN, United States

This is a great store with a great story! According to the store's About Me section, this Etsy store was opened as a way to generate income to save nineteen rescued rabbits! For a little more about the store and a closer look at some of the items, you can see here.

What I enjoy particularly about this store, is that there is absolutely nothing frilly and lacy about it. If you're looking for a nice leather piece of yore, or something a little on the John Wayne side, this is the right place to look! 

There is generally a wide selection for men, but if you're a lady looking for something edgy to add to your wardrobe, you're definitely going to want to check this out.

The theme of this particular venue is very Old Hollywood meets the Wild West with aged neutral pieces, and a penchant for the rustic rather than the glamorous. 

The boots alone just make you want to gag, I've never seen such an extensive and precise collection of retro and vintage boots--in several styles and leathers!

These guys do a lot of good work. They also have another Etsy store up to help the bunnies, called Wild Rabbit Vintage. If you are a lady with a flavor for frillier pieces, Wild Rabbit Vintage might be more your style.  

Regardless, these guys are great. Check them out! 

Seattle, WA, United States

Ladies, ladies, ladies...this is more our speed. 

The word "mitu" (mee-too) means "sweet" in the Native American language of Gujarati. It's the perfect word to describe the docile, understated, feminine quality of this store. 

This carefully curated, unique collection of wearable items is the labor of love of owner Katie, who shares with us her taste for the pretty and the perpetually stylish. 

This store is for a Grace Kelly personality with an Audrey Hepburn sense of simplistic, realistic, and authentic taste. 

Her selections of accessories, dresses, tops, skirts and more completely translates to today, with vintage items from yesteryear adding a little zest to the modern outfit. 

Not to mention, the selection on this site is completely affordable to the girl on a budget. A vintage Oscar de la Renta for $62?! Are these people entirely coherent?! 

Even the sale selection is out of this world!

Also, if you're the proud mother or papa of a mini-fashionista--there's a wee little selection for kids! Cute kelly green socks, mini corduroy pants, and a pink jumpsuit are some of the things you can expect to see for the babes. 

Connecticut, USA

For my third and final pick we are going to try something a little different!

If we so choose to step away from the clothing, we may take a moment to focus on something that perhaps may look as though it hasn't changed a single day since the moment of its creation--that is, that fabulous and seemingly endless world of retro, vintage, and antique jewelry. 

Mag Wildwood (you might recognize that infamous name from Breakfast At Tiffany's) is the epitome of technicolor madness with old-world decadence, and the perfect theme of this darling store. 

If you loved digging through your grandmother's jewelry box as a child, this could be your dream come true. The colors and details in these items are so rich and powerful that your purchase might make you feel like you're suddenly transported to another time and era. 

Feast your eyes on carefully dated, lovingly handled items ranging in era-brilliance from the Georgian period to the age of Art Deco. 


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